Alchemy Partners LLP and Alchemy Special Opportunities LLP are limited liability partnerships registered in England and Wales with registered numbers OC 301618 and OC 318664 respectively. Each has its registered office at 25 Bedford Street, London, WC2E 9ES, United Kingdom.

Alchemy Special Opportunities LLP (ASO) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

It is a Non-SNI MIFIDPRU Investment Firm with the following regulatory permissions:

As a Non-SNI MIFIDPRU firm, ASO must comply with the Overall Financial Adequacy Rule and meet an initial capital requirement of the higher of (i) its fixed overhead requirement, (ii) the permanent minimum requirement and (iii) the K factor requirement. ASO’s capital adequacy requirement is met by maintaining a minimum initial capital of ¼ of its fixed overheads for the previous financial year at all times (subject to the MIFIDPRU transitional provisions, which apply to ASO because it was an exempt CAD firm on 31 December 2021 and provide for a phased application of the full own funds requirements through to 31 December 2026).

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This does not constitute an offer to sell, purchase, subscribe for or otherwise invest in any fund referred to. This does not constitute and may not be relied upon as constituting any form of investment advice and prospective investors are advised to ensure that they obtain appropriate independent professional advice before making any investment in an Alchemy fund.

Information regarding the approach that ASO takes to the UK Stewardship Code information can be found here.